Devi Glick



Master of Public Policy, The University of Michigan

Master of Science, The University of Michigan

Bachelor of Arts in Environmental Science, Middlebury College

Devi Glick provides research and consulting services on a wide range of energy and electricity issues. Her recent work includes modeling for resource planning using PLEXOS utility planning software; analysis of system-level cost impacts of energy efficiency nationwide; rate design for distributed energy resources within the state of Hawaii; and developing a manual and providing quality control for a tool to analyze the impacts of climate measures and energy policies in Morocco.

Prior to joining Synapse, Ms. Glick worked at Rocky Mountain Institute as a Senior Associate on its Electricity and Energy Access programs. As a member of the Energy Access program, she developed Integrated Resource Planning modeling tools and carried out trainings for the utility and energy ministry in Rwanda on best practices for long-term resource planning in the electricity sector. Prior to that, as a member of the Electricity team, she co-authored papers on valuation of Solar PV and rate design for distributed energy resources that have been cited in utility rate cases. Ms. Glick also worked to develop alternative utility business models for a major U.S. utility, led a project evaluating long-term utility resource planning trends in the United States, and led modeling work in collaboration with NextGen Climate America to evaluate the impact of a loophole in the Clean Power Plan.

Ms. Glick holds a Master of Public Policy and a Master of Science in Environmental Science from the University of Michigan, and a Bachelor of Arts in Environmental Studies from Middlebury College.