Dr. Thomas Vitolo

Senior Associate


PhD Systems Engineering, Boston University

MS Financial and Industrial Mathematics, Dublin City University

BS Applied Mathematics, North Carolina State University

BS Computer Science, North Carolina State University

BS Economics, North Carolina State University

Tommy Vitolo is a senior associate at Synapse. He earned his PhD in systems engineering at Boston University, and has more than ten years of professional experience as a consultant, researcher, and analyst.

Since joining Synapse in 2011, Dr. Vitolo has focused on avoided costs, variable resource integration and valuation, utility resource planning, and other issues that typically involve statistical analysis, computer simulation modeling, and stochastic processes. He has filed expert testimony in Vermont related to utility-scale solar, in Missouri related to utility integrated resource planning, in South Carolina related to solar valuation and utility avoided costs, in North Carolina related to avoided costs and public convenience and necessity, in Massachusetts related to community choice aggregation, in Oregon related to fuel contract valuation, and in California regarding the state’s Long Term Procurement Plan proceeding affecting the three largest investor-owned utilities. An elected official for over a decade, he has also testified before city or state elected officials in Illinois, Maryland, and Massachusetts. He has provided analysis on the costs and benefits of distributed generation in California, the District of Columbia, Kentucky, Maine, Massachusetts, Mississippi, New York, North Carolina, South Carolina, Utah, Vermont, and Wisconsin. He has also reviewed and critiqued the numerical analysis, modeling, and decision strategies of integrated resource plans and certificates of public convenience and necessity submitted by utilities located in Alabama, Colorado, Georgia, Illinois, Kansas, Kentucky, Mississippi, Missouri, Nebraska, New Mexico, North Carolina, Tennessee, and Virginia.

Dr. Vitolo's recent work includes providing comments, presentations, or testimony in proceedings to determine the value of distributed solar energy in Maine, Massachusetts, Mississippi, North Carolina, New York, South Carolina, Utah, and Vermont; analyzing system integration issues related to intermittent renewable resources in California and in Nova Scotia; leading projects to review and comment on utility and municipal electric resource planning in Colorado, Illinois, Missouri, and Nebraska; reviewing utility filings in Kansas City Power & Light, Georgia Power, Tennessee Valley Authority, and PacifiCorp IRP cases; and developing and analyzing national electricity resource scenarios for the Energy Foundation and the Civil Society Institute.

Before joining Synapse, Dr. Vitolo worked at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology’s Lincoln Laboratory, where he designed algorithms and implemented software to create network topologies for orbital, aerial, land-based, and nautical vehicles. His academic work focused on optimizing physical and financial systems through quantitative analysis, linear and nonlinear programming, and other methods.

Selected Recent Publications

Direct Testimony of Regarding Duke Energy Carolinas NEM Methodology

On behalf of South Carolina Coastal Conservation League and Southern Alliance for Clean Energy, 2016

Authors: Thomas Vitolo

Meeting Maryland's RPS

Synapse Energy Economics for the Maryland Climate Coalition, 2015

Authors: Thomas Vitolo PhD, Ariel Horowitz PhD, Patrick Luckow, Nidhi R. Santen PhD

New Renewable Generation Capacity - Why Here and Not There? 

Synapse Energy Economics Webinar, 2016

Authors: Thomas Vitolo PhD, Patrick Luckow